Kisah Orang Terkaya di Persia yang Membangun Hotel Megahnya


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Tadinya saya mau tulis pake bahasa Indonesia, tapi karena gaya bahasanya, saya pikir lebih cocok menggunakan bahasa Inggris. Cerita ini adalah tentang pentingnya backlink untuk kelangsungan situs Anda dalam jangka panjang. Begini ceritanya :D

There’s an old Global Fairy Tale of the Richest Man in Persia… this man had dungeons and dungeons of the most precious of stones – Rubies, Saphires, Diamonds… you name it!

One day, this man decided to build the most opulent of Hotels in the Middle of the Desert.

“I am the Richest man in the World”, this man bellowed “…and I’ll build the most glorious Hotel in the Middle of the Desert… (why not?) The man laughed gleefully at himself! :D
“The Whole world knows me, everyone will come because I’ll be serving Oysters from the South Australian coast, Cavier from Russia, with Milk from Virgin Whales harvested in the deepest of the Oceans…”

In record time, the Hotel was built from the sweat of slaves imported from the strongest tribes in Africa, Harems comprising of the most beautiful virgins from all over the Middle East were brought in on trains of Camels, loads of silk… the Skys were lit with laughter and cheer.

Soon, the man cried, “the Whole World will be coming here to enjoy my hospitality…”

Days, then weeks, months, then years passed by, and not a single soul came to the Majestic Hotel, save for the occasional Bedouin traveler lost in the vastness of the desert…

Moral of the story!

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